sc:\\ time; intent

The form of this piece will consist of one source image manipulated four different ways. The image will be a high resolution image taken in Northern Michigan. It was chosen for it’s organic forms with no man made structures. The image will be manipulated using a HEX editor to modify the binary code of the source image. Each image will be manipulated on the same line of code. Each input of new code will be silently different depending on the variable. Each output will be saved and uploaded to Flickr.

Code Process;
  • Image 1; numerical. 01/15/1982 09.58
  • Image 2; alphabetical. May forth two thousand seven. nine fifteen am
  • Image 3; hybrid. March 15th 1954 8:52 p.m.
  • Image 4; random data; 

The final outcome isn't known. The only thing that is certain is of the original image change through time. Each line of data that is edited is a path the image will travel through time. No two people travel through their perception of time together. Demonstrating how even wording or structure of a building block can dramatically change ones path through time.

Original Image;